Hypnotherapy and subconscious mind

The famous hypnotherapist and phychologist with a controversial method of treatment¹

This guy in the link above once had a patient that was really in a bad condition of a mental break down and in the verge of committing a suicide complaining that she is so ugly and no one loves her and want to kill herself.

The Dr. told him , ok , you are right , you can kill yourself , but do you have some money left ? She said , yes . The Dr. told him , go and buy some good clothes you like the most and then maybe meet someone you always wanted to be with. She said , i dont have anyone to be with , but there is this guy at the office who i think is my type but i never talked to him , coz i was afraid he would not like me. The Dr. Said , ok, go to the office and fill your mouth with water in the bathroom and go to him and flush all the water on his face then run away. The guy in the office was shocked after this action and chased the lady , and they ended up getting married together.

Well, It seems this guy Mr. Milton H. Erickson was good in realizing that Resistance is always important, and should always be respected, so if the resistance itself is encouraged, the patient is made to feel more comfortable, because they know that they are allowed to respond however they wish.¹

Whatever the behaviour offered by the subjects, it should be accepted and utilized to develop further responsive behaviour.In a typical example, a girl that bit her nails was told that she was cheating herself of really enjoying the nail biting. He encouraged her to let some of her nails grow a little longer before biting them, so that she really could derive the fullest pleasure from the activity. She decided to grow all of her nails long enough that she might really enjoy biting them, and then, after some days, she realised that she didn’t want to bite them anyway.1


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